Carbon Sequestration

Combat Climate change

Companies wishing to reduce their ecological impact will be able to buy about 600 t of CO2 credits to offset their carbon emissions. This funding will help implement the second prong of Praxis: Adapt and Produce. 

PRAXIS will capture 600 metric tons of incremental CO2 over 30 years.

We will achieve this by helping the forest adapt by introducing species that are better suited to new climate conditions such as the Atlas cedar. Combine with permaculture practices to boost growth / CO2 capture efficiency.

CNPF (French Government body managing private forests) said about the forest: "For the carbon gain, modeling showed us that on a plantation of fertility level 2 (11.3 m3 / ha/year, revolution of 105 years, entry in silviculture at 46 years, no clearings before that) of after the Coudier cedar production table (ONF, 2008) in the Mediterranean region, the average carbon gain is 353 tCO2 / ha over 105 years. Given the expected density of planting and the level of fertility in my opinion slightly lower, expect an average carbon gain of about 100 tCO2/ha seems reasonable"

Aerial Forest Shot