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It is possible to combine acceptable financial performance and eco-responsible practices. Climate change is real today.  We need optimism, science, and action, not despair, propaganda, and procrastination. I have chosen to start small here, with a 20-hectare (50-acre) forest, and a scalable demonstration project called PRAXIS.  I’m looking to partner with smart companies in need of carbon credits, who are willing to fund a viable and responsible transformation that can be replicated elsewhere.

PRAXIS aims to capture 600 metric tons of CO2 and produce foods in the forest; use permacultural principles, and ban the use of any chemical pesticide, herbicide or fungicide – attempt to replicate natural ecosystems to maximise biodiversity and foster more resilience in the forest

  • PERMACULTURE  Soil is the key, to encourage a living and thriving soil.  We will use no synthetic or artificial fertilizers, no chemical pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide.  We will compost locally and appropriately.  With proper preparation and some irrigation, ideal growing conditions can be created here.

  • BIODIVERSITY There are no more “natural” forests in Europe, all are man-made in some sense.  Introducing—or re-introducing—suitable species fosters growth and reproduction.  Truffles, prized by chefs and consumers, once grew around the roots of oak trees that were later cut or blown down.  Now, however, many of those oaks have re-grown from their stumps.  So not only can truffles be re-introduced, the trees themselves can form protective corridors which we will use to plant a diversified fruit hedge.

  • RESILIENCE If a plant dies, or fails to thrive, it was in the wrong place, and alternative locations or species should be explored.  Diversity of species—not monoculture—gives an ecosystem the best chance to resist pests and adapt.

  • CONSULTATION Human beings have been growing and/or harvesting edibles here for thousands of years.  We will seek out the guidance and opinions of local farmers, specialists,  and local governments, to determine what works now, and what has the best chance for tomorrow. We will learn, and keep learning



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